Yoga For Men

This Workshop will focus on stabilizing, strengthening, and increasing the range of motion in the hips & shoulders while relieving tension in the lower back and neck.  Starting with gentle mobility movements to warm up and set a positive intention for the mind and body whilst learning to connect with the breath.  We’ll move onto Asanas (poses) to strengthen the muscles for a healthier range of motion and joint stability.  This will lead us onto a few more challenging postures which I will be able to adapt to all levels.  These postures will be both physically and mentally challenging but also fun!  Finishing with deep stretches allowing the body to open further into a fuller range of motion and leading us into relaxation and meditation.  At the conclusion off the Workshop there will be a brief Question & Answer session to help you deepen your understanding of the body and the huge benefits of the Asana and to encourage participation in future yoga classes.  All levels welcome.

Location: Bookings available for Yoga Studios & Gyms, contact for further information.

Price: £20

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