Alignment is the term we use in yoga asana to describe the precise way to do any given pose in order to maximize it benefits and minimize the risk of injury.  Alignment isn’t here to put everyone into a little box, weed out the people whose bodies don’t fit the “ideal”, or scold people who make adjustments to make things work for them.  Quite the opposite, actually.  Alignment is a flexible structure that offers options for practitioners of all levels, shapes and sizes, no matter what restrictions or imbalances they may have.  It encourages the use of props, modifications and good old common sense in the service of finding the safest and most beneficial way for your body to fully experience each pose.  When you understand alignment, you have the tools to make almost any yoga pose work for your body.

Alignment encourages us to create a stable foundation for a safe practice, to allow the body to open in new ways and to reduce the risk of injury.

At first, alignment is not necessarily intuitive.  It takes time and experience to be able to cultivate an awareness of where your body is in space throughout a practice session.

Focussing on alignment fosters your growing sense of body awareness and boosts your self-confidence.  A lot of people feel quite disconnected from their physical bodies.  Yoga works to reintegrate the body and mind with alignment as one of its primary tools.  Poses that feel unfamiliar and shaky at first soon become intuitive and steady with the help of good instruction and the right tools.

Throughout the Workshop you will be encouraged to query any uncertainties you might have reference your own practice, which will benefit all off us in this life time Yoga Path.

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Price: £20

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