Teachings Mysore Method

This Workshop will focus on the Tristana Method of Ashtanga Yoga Practice.  Becoming more aware of our breath, pose, and gaze (Tristana Method) during our practice, leads us into a more meditative state where we absorb ourselves totally in the moment uninfluenced by our fellow practitioners.  The ancient yogis discovered that where our gaze is directed our attention naturally follows.  When the gaze is fixed on a single point the mind is diminished from being stimulated by all other external objects, which leads to quiet stillness immersed in the breath and Drishti point leads us into meditation.

On my most recent trip to Mysore India I practiced with a lovely teacher Jai Prakesh who emphasised the lightness of Vinyasa transition and a genuine feeling of mindfulness and meditation in my practice.  Through working so closely with the breath it dissolved many tight knots for me so that not only was I able to breathe deeper, but my practice deepened, and I let go in places I wasn’t able to up to that point.  At the conclusion off the class we’ll have a brief Question & Answer session to help you deepen your understanding.

Highlights of my Workshop

  • Improve your practice
  • Improve your breathing
  • Observe and learn the 9 Drishti Points
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Increase your energy, feel happy
  • Reduce stress and improve your sleep patterns

Location: Workshop available for private bookings

Price: £20

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