Pranayama (Breath Control) & Restorative Asanas (over 50’s)

Starting with 10 minutes of  breath meditation (Anapana) incorporating hand mudras, setting a positive intention for the mind and body.  Moving onto Sheetali or Sheetkari (cooling breath) – lowers BP, cools the body down & eliminates toxins, fights insomnia, calms the mind, destresses, helps with anxiety & anger.

Starting with gentle subtle exercises from the Pawanmuktasana Series (3 distinct groups) – 1.  Anti-Rheumatic, 2.  Digestive/abdominal, 3.  Shakti Bandha Asanas (energy block postures).  In Sanskrit Pawan means wind; mukta means release and Asana means pose.  Therefore Pawanmuktasana means a group of Asanas that remove any blockages preventing the free flow of energy in the body and mind.  Leading us onto a group of restorative Asanas for the whole body.

Finishing with Kapalbhati Pranayame (forehead shining breathing technique) – Improves oxygenation to the body; rids the body of toxins; strengthens the nervous system; rejuvenates the brain improving memory and concentration; keeps depression at bay & fills you with positivity.

Savasana – Relaxation.

At the conclusion of the Workshop a brief Q & A session will help to deepen the understanding of today’s Workshop.

All Levels Welcome

Location: Available for Private Bookings

Price: £20

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