Ros’s Story

Ros has worked extensively over the last 8 years in both the Private and Public Sectors, Prisons and Mental Health Secure Units delivering classes and Workshops. She initially trained at Santosha Teacher Training Centre. Over the last 4 years she has travelled to Southern India, most recently in March 2018 to Mysore.  This time has been used to enhance her own CPD training, both in her teaching and personal practice of Ashtanga Yoga.

In November 2017 she attended a circuit class in the morning, watched her son play football in the afternoon, typical Saturday nothing out of the ordinary.  However later in the evening whist walking with her daughter and discussing the previous evenings Workshop that she had run, Ros found that she couldn’t talk, she could hear her daughter talking but lost the ability of speech.  Both parties laughed thinking very little of this vital warning.  However, during the evening Ros had time to reflect, stupidly surfed the internet and started to panic thinking perhaps this could be the symptoms of a stroke.  Having been reassured by a Doctor not to worry and take an aspirin she decided to try and relax but had a nagging sense something wasn’t quite right.

Several miles away her close friend was at a prayer meeting and had an overwhelming urge to leave.  Whilst driving away from the prayer meeting she listened to her voicemail that Ros had left and came straight around insisting on taking her to the Royal Victoria Hospital.  3 hours later Ros’s life was to change forever.  The senior doctor showed them the Brain Tumour on the computer screen, anxiety, panic, disbelief, feelings alien to Ros started to engulf her world.   Although she could hear the words off the doctor and could visibly see her tumour and see how everyone around her was so upset, nothing was penetrating her mind.  It all seemed impossible, she was fit and healthy, ran and practiced yoga most days.  Ros was admitted straight from A&E and over the next week the Consultant ran various scans and was able to let her know by the Wednesday her tumour was not cancerous however it would need to be removed the following Friday.  After a 9 ½ hr operation she woke up to see her Consultant beside her bed reaffirming how successful the operation had been.


After a week in hospital following the operation Ros was allowed home.  The trauma had caused her body to lose a dramatic amount of weight and it all still seemed so surreal to her.  The tiredness, lack of energy and motivation were intense, anxiety crept in unexpectedly but she knew she had a family she dearly loved and Ros loved her work, she did not want to lose the ability to teach again.  “Unbeaten” meaning of the heart chakra Anahata is how she started to rebuild her life. Ros started slowly with walking and by mid-December she was able to run although at a slower pace.

The yoga however was a different story, every time she walked past her rolled up mat she couldn’t bring herself to indulge in the physical practice which she so loved.  Christmas week on her own in the house she did roll that mat out, sat mindfully in Sukasana (easy crossed leg pleasant pose) meditating on the breath.  Slowly bringing in gentler postures and creating a daily asana practice which was both beneficial to her mental well-being and her physical recovery.  Ros has developed a restorative yoga programme aimed at patients who have undergone similar brain surgery and trauma.  By following this programme Ros was back to her Ashtanga practice end January and back to teaching her diverse classes.  She is a great advocate of the “restorative yoga for trauma”, in her own words, “it slowly and gently brought me back to Ros”.  She met her Consultant in March 2018 who was delighted with her recovery and positive mental attitude. If you have been diagnosed with a critical illness or have received brain surgery or indeed any other invasive surgery, Ros can help with the restorative programme, life can go back to a sense of normality and deeper enjoyment as we learn to appreciate every aspect of living.

Let yoga restore you!